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Alpaca Shrug

Pattern: Two-Toned Ribbed Shrug by Stefanie Japel in Fitted Knits
Yarn: Alpaca with a Twist Baby Twist in Cotton Candy – less than 1 jumbo hank (550 yards)
Needles: Size US4 and 7 Addi Turbo Circs
Mods: 1×1 ribbing on the collar and sleeves

This shrug turned out super cute! And very comfy and warm. I had started this way back in January but it got sidelined for several other projects. I also realized that I had knit the sleeves and started the collar on the wrong sized needles, so I had to rip both back. I finally picked it back up last month and realized after i had knit 4 inches in the collar that I had knit it in a 1×1 rib instead of the 2×2 rib that pattern called for! So I just went with it. I think it looks great, and now I don’t have 2 shrugs that look exactly the same!! My friend Jenny freaked out when she found out I had knit this shrug up as she is always looking for the perfect shrug – so I’ll probably be knitting her some soon!!

On the WIp front, I’m almost finished with Sahara – I had to buy another hank of yarn as I ran out right before the second sleeve (argh!!) – I’m just praying the dye lots aren’t too off. I’m also knitting up a pair of socks for my sock pal for the Loopy Ewe Secret Sock Swap…I’ve just got the leg to go on the second sock! I actually knit one sock previously and it was waaaay too big, so i had to rip it out and start all over.

I’m also working on a pair of socks for myself. I had originally thought I’d knit them for my sock pal then thought maybe it might be too crazy for her (not that I know her style that much but just by looking at her Ravelry page!!). here’s a look see:

Bloody Mary WIP

Pretty soon I’ll start knitting a Garter Yoke Cardi with my friend Elin in a knit-along with some O-Wool Balance.  The yarn is gorgeous! I am torn on what color buttons to use…I just ordered a bunch of Etsy so we’ll see if one matches well…

Agggh! the power just went ouGt! hopefully it will come on again ASAP!


I’ve been neglecting my poor little blog. I’ve actually been real busy, getting my life back in order after being gone for 2 weeks. And then I was in a wedding, which is where my new FO comes into play. For my friend’s wedding we decided it just might be chilly in March, and with our dresses having spaghetti straps, we thought a shrug would be perfect. So, I volunteered to knit them. It would be way to difficult to find them in the right color and style, so after the bride-to-be checked out a few different styles, she selected the Two-Toned Ribbed Shrug from Fitted Knits (Ravelry link). I finished them just in time! I haven’t gotten pictures back from the bride’s photographer, but a friend shot this one:

Suri Merino RIbbed Shrugs

Pattern: Two-Toned Fitted Shrug by Stefanie Japel, Fitted Knits
Needles: US Size 7 and US size 4 cirs and DPN’s
Size: 16″ for shrug on the left, 17″ for shrug on the right
Yarn: Blue Sky Alpacas Suri Merino in Earth – 3 balls for each
Mods: Not many, except for I knit it in one color (obviously!). I knit the collar in smaller size the same way I knit the larger size (the pattern calls for a shorter collar but I wanted them to be the same).

I love how these turned out. They are super soft and super warm. I danced a little too much in it, therefore sweat too much, and when I tried to take it off there were little sure merino hairs stuck to my sweaty body! So I put the puppy back on and kept on dancing!! I was able to whip this out in a week so super pattern and can be knit up very quickly.

An update on my knitting – I am trying to finish my Bayerische socks before the end of the month. They are arduous to knit, but I’m telling you once you get the hang of knitting through the back loop and have the pattern memorized, the sock flies! I started knitting the second sock on Monday and I’m already past the heel and onto the foot portion which goes faster due to half of it being stockinette!! I have a preview pic but want to save it for the final showing. My other two socks are on the back burner, but I think I have to rip both out. The Nutkin socks are waaaaay too small (can’t even get it over my foot!) and the Leyburn’s are tight, but then I made the boo boo of not knitting the pattern around the entire leg portion (I must have been HIGH!). Anyway, Hopefully I’ll have the Bayerische Socks for you on Monday!!

Due to the fact that I CANNOT control my purchasing of sock yarn – seriously, it has become some sort of obsession where I cannot NOT buy sock yarn, like I went to The Loopy Ewe during there most recent sneak up and placed three separate orders because I kept going back for more yarn, then went to Etsy and put more sock yarn in my cart although I haven’t actually bought any of it yet…that’s my restraint, adding it to my cart without checking out…Anyway, got sidetracked there.  What I really want to blog about is that I cast on for 2 pairs of socks:

This is Bayerische by Eunny Jang in The Natural Dye Studio Alba Shetland 4 Ply Sock in Leaf:


I think they are coming along nicely!  This pattern is so intense, cable after cable after cable!  At first I thought the yarn might be too fuzzy for the cables to show, but after a full repeat I think not.

I also wanted to start a pair of socks that weren’t so time intensive, so I cast on for Nutkin with Sunshine Yarns Soft Sock Yarn in Lava:


Oh, I’m in love with this yarn.  If you don’t have a skein of Sunshine Yarns in your stash, go get one!  the colors are beautiful and I love how the yarn feels when knit.  Yummy!!

And the last recent cast on is a shrug for one of my bestest friends’ wedding.  I’m knitting two of these, one for myself and one for my fellow bridesmaid.  Its the Two-Toned Ribbed Shrug found in Fitted Knits in Blue Kky Alpaca Suri Merino in Earth.  Oh is this yarn yummy.  So soft and delicious!  I think the color matched very well with the dress (I’ll show the final result after the wedding!) and love how its knitting up (please ignore that white thingy near my middle finger…I have no idea what that is):


I am still knitting on my niece’s baby blanket, but its not much to blog about.  But my Salina and the other shrug I was knitting have taken a back seat to some other projects that need to be done (ok, so the socks didn’t really need to be cast on but I wanted to participate in the Sockdown challenge this month!!) .

Oh, and I was lucky enough to see Barack Obama speak here in Dallas yesterday.  It was an all day affair, starting with standing in line for well over an hour (it might have even been two).  I think in the end it took about 5 hours.  But it was worth it.  See, here in Texas the primaries generally don’t matter.  By the time we are able to vote we already know who there candidates are going to be.  But this year it matters!  And I really felt like I was part of history.  I’m really not into politics myself – I of course vote every chance I get (even though it doesn’t really matter as I’m a democrat is a heavily Republican state), but I don’t dig politics that much.  But I thought this was a chance of a lifetime.  And it was so worth it – Reunion Arena was electric and buzzing and it was just fantastic!  Now I gotta get myself to early voting tomorrow as I will be out of town on March 4th!

P.S.  I just ordered the yarn in my Etsy cart.  Dammit.

I’ve been meaning to blog, really I have. I don’t know how many people actually read this blog – maybe 4, or 5? And I love you for it! I traveled To Tulsa this last week for work, and meant to blog while I was there, but then I got sick. And it got worse. It took all my effort just to knit much less attempt to write a coherent sentence. Although I am still sick and am gobbling up as many meds as I can to fight the green goo that has invaded my head and chest, I feel well enough at the moment to blog. YAY!

First of all, I was honored to discover that one of my favorite bloggers and knitters Elin nominated me for the You Make My Day award. When I read that she had nominated me I even said out loud to my computer “Awww!” because to be honest, I don’t think I’m a good blogger – I don’t write well, never have. It was always to weak subject for me in school. And I can express myself ok in person but it takes many attempts to make it clear, so who knows how it comes across in a blog. But regardless, she really made my day. So here’s my contribution to the You Make My Day Award. Many or all of these bloggers have already been nominated, I’m sure:


The Rules:
Give the award to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blogland. Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on. Beware you may get the award several times.

By Elin
Knit and Tonic
Mustaa Villaa
Girl Who Knits
Knitting Lemonade
Brooklyn Tweed

I love reading everyone else’s lists – I have added many bloggers to my blog lines!

Ok, now to the knitting. Yes I’ve been knitting, almost every night. In fact the night that I was out of town for work I missed my knitting (I thought I could take a one night break but apparently knitting is like crack or heroin or something and I was jonsing for my needles). It seems all of a sudden I have all these gifts to knit – and don’t get me wrong I love knitting for other people. I really do. However, I am having to set aside some time every night to knit something for ME, whether it be the BFF socks (which I have to rip the heel out AGAIN – 2nd time – because I made a mistake before the heel grrr) or Salina (which I have to rip out about 10 rows as I did something jacked up in the increase round) or the Ribbed Shrug (which I also have to rip as I don’t like my decision to go up in needle size instead in increasing stitches) – Do you see a pattern here??

I am the frog queen.

I have always been someone who makes mistakes. Whether it be in typing (I am also the type queen), or mailing books to the wrong recipient (just ask my PBS friends – I’m sure they will agree that I am a bit absentminded at times), or jacking up a recipe. Its always because I’m in a hurry to finish something, to get it out the door or off my “to do” list.

Must. Chill. Out.

Here’s what’s on the needles or will be soon as gifts for other peeps.

  1. Twining Vines Baby Blanket – OTN
    I’ve been taking time every day to knit one repeat of this blanket. Unless I’m feeling icky (like last night where I knit two rows and wanted to throw it across the room), this blanket is made with so much love for my niece (due March 17th!!). Its really beautiful, but time consuming and I have to concentrate on it 100% of the time to get it right. And it requires counting, lots of counting, in my head. As a general rule I’m knitting one repeat a night, and given there are 11 repeats per panel and 3 panels total (the original pattern has 30 repeats and 4 panels – OMG!!) , I should have it done by the end of the month. I’m about half way through and love it.

  2. Endpaper Mitts – OTN
    I was making a gift for one of my bestest girlfriends…and after pulling it out after the holidays (I never had time to finish it before Christmas), I hated it. Not necessarily the pattern, but more the color of the yarn – it was so…blah. Boring. The pink is pretty, just not for the pattern.  I cringed every time I pulled it out. I think the pattern needs some variegated yarn to make it inspiring for me, so I have decided to add that to the frog pond and instead cast on for some Endpaper Mitts. I had some Rowan Cashsoft 4 ply in Spa and Mosaic in my stash and decided that they would make a lovely pair. I think they look great so far – given its only my second go around at colorwork. I finally figured out how to knit fair isle with both strands of yarn in my left hand – I wrap one around my middle finger and one around my right finger, and both are placed on my index finger to knit from. I think I still need to work on the tension for the ring finger – it seems a bit loose to me – but for the most part I love how its turning out.


    Before I started knitting these I did some research on yarn dominance. As a test, I started the pattern at the cuff with the blue yarn as the dominant yarn, then switched halfway through the repeat to see what the difference would be. I didn’t see one – maybe if I had knit a more with each I could have seen it, but I didn’t want to fiddle with it. The back does look nice though…

  3. Odessa – To be knit
    During an elephant swap on PBS I was asked by one of the hosts to knit a few gifts as prizes for some of the players. I of course agreed, and the lucky winner picked Odessa as the hat she liked. I’m going to knit this in Cascade 220 Wool in Black, some leftover stash yarn that I have from knitting these fetching gloves, sans beads as I don’t have any at the moment. I also knit up a Calorimetry for another winner, and that’s all knit up but it needs a button (which reminds me I need to go to Joann’s).
  4. Ribbed shrug – To be knit
    I must say this is going to be my favorite gift to knit. I will be knitting 2 of these, one for myself and one for a friend. We are both bridesmaids in our best friends wedding on March 21st, and are wearing these bridesmaids dresses. But March may be a little chilly, and this wedding is outdoors (plus both her arms and mine are a far cry from toned and slim, so we’d like to cover them up if possible!!) so I offered to knit up a shrug. We decided to go with the Two-Toned Shrug from Fitted Knits (yes, I already have one OTN but I love the pattern). I went shopping for yarn this week with dress in hand and found this which matched the best.


    Its Blue Sky Alpaca Suri Merino in Earth. So soft and yummy. Its yarnalicious. I’m showing the skein to the bride-to-be tomorrow and hopefully she will approve!!

I’ll be really lucky if I finish everything within a decent time frame. I’ve got 3 different business meetings (one in Dallas, one in Houston, and another in Key Biscayne) between now and my friend’s wedding. Plus my sister’s baby is due around the same time, so I’m traveling back and forth to Albuquerque to help her out while she’s close to her due date (and after if she’s late). I’ll be lucky if I still have all my hair and haven’t broken out in hives, or adult acne.

That’s my mammoth post. If you are still with me, thanks for reading!

P.S. why is it when I finally sit down to blog the big black cat decides to be all sweet and gets in my faceto purr and lick? He finds it necessary to sit on my boobs – and he’s not a small kitty (17 pounds!!). Granted I have ample room for him but are you kidding me? He’s 17 pounds for crying out loud!!

P.P.S. Can I please tell hou how much I HATE the fact that WordPress is not allowing me paragraph or breaks in my posts.  I have to go back and add them to the code section, and then  if I go back and edit the post, those <p>’s and </p>’s disappear.  WHY?? I’ve tried it in Firefox (which I use exclusively) and Internet Explorer, and I come across the same problem.  I am anal and like my posts nice and neat, but at the moment I am too tired and sick to fiddle with it.  WordPress peeps, fix this bug!!!

You know when you area *this* close to finishing a sweater, how you can’t wait to finish it but at the same time your mind starts to wander to what’s next? Yeah, I have that bug. I have been waking up dreaming of my next project and how lovely it will be when finished…this is how obsessed I am with starting something new. I think that all that unselfish knitting from last month boiled over and all that is left is knitting for me me me!!!

I can’t say that’s true though, as I have been knitting for others, mostly the Twining Vine Baby Blanket for my sis (there are no updated pics because its mostly the same, just a bit longer). I need to have this finished by the time I go visit my sis in March before she is due, so I’m trying to work on it a little bit each day. Its such a complicated lace pattern that I really have to focus on it whilst knitting. The good thing is I’ve discovered that the blanket will only need 3 panels instead of 4, so yay!

Onto the chronic-project-starting. I had purchased 8 balls of Rowan Felted Tweed for half off at my LYS and couldn’t wait to knit it up. After a lot of research and some help from some knitting friends, I decided to knit Salina (Ravelry link). I immediately ordered a copy of Rowan Vintage Knits off and swatched as soon as I could. I cast on a few days ago, but will not allow myself to continue until the Tangled Yoke is finished (mainly because its bogarting the circs I need). But here’s what I’ve got so far:


The colorway is Rage #150 and its beautiful. I am in love with how this yarn knits up and the texture. I love tweed but I’m not a huge fan of the kind of tweed that has specks of a multitude of colors…I like my tweed kinda boring, but still tweedy. That’s what I love about this yarn – the specks are grey, black and white, with no purples or greens. Love that.

With Salina on a short hiatus I was itching for something else. I had purchased a beautiful ginormous hank of Alpaca With a Twist Baby Twist, (also half off!) and decided I wanted to knit up a shrug. After checking out the available patterns on Ravelry, I realized that I had the perfect pattern in my copy of Fitted Knits. Soooo, I cast on for the Two-Tone Ribbed Shrug (sorry, another Ravelry link) last night, except mine will not be two-toned:


The color is Cotton Candy #1003 in the blue family, and oh my how soft this yarn is. Its gorgeous and I want to buy more. The hank has about 550 yards, and I hope that’s enough. If not the sleeves will be just a tad bit shorter 🙂

Tangled Yoke will be finished soon. I’ve just got the button bands to knit and blocking – I actually knit up one side last night and realized that I did it wrong – I made my TY a bit longer than the pattern stated and didn’t realize you are only suppose to pick up but 3 stitches for every 4, or something like that. I’ll be doing some math tonight to figure it out.

I also got some yarn p0rn for you. I sat by the computer and waited for Sundara to update her website so I could order her sock yarn as I have heard rave reviews about it. I don’t think I was the only one because I didn’t get one of the colors I wanted, but that’s ok, I’ll wait until next time!


This one is Sangria over Garnet.


And this is Ember over Flame.

The sock yarn is gorgeous! Beautiful vibrant colors and soft yummy yarn. Now I need to knit me some socks – I have so much sock yarn and no socks as of yet! Ooooooh, something else to cast on for!

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