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I finished these over a month ago. I’m not usually a fan of the variegated yarn (I hate pooling with a passion) but these actually turned out pretty good…


Pattern: Bloody Mary Socks by Sandra Park
Yarn: Tempted Hand Painted Good Grrl in Bordello (Rav link)
Needles: US Size 1 DPN’s
Mods: Added stitches before heel, then decreased after heel

As I was knitting this up I realized it was a bit tight and would not go over my heel, so I added 6 stitches total (3 separate increases) right before I knit the short row heel, then decreased them right after. This helped keep the spiraly striped thing happening (which I love actually). I think this pattern worked pretty well with the variegated yarn as it broke up the pooling just enough to make it an addition to the sock design. And I like how the socks match in their spiraly stripes!


All in all, I give this one a thumbs up, even though the socks are a bit tight to get on. But the fear of future pooling with variegated yarn has tempted me to destash the majority of that in my stash 🙂

On a WIP front, I’ve got several socks on the needles – I’m working on a mystery sock for a friend which I can’t show quite yet (I’m pretty sure she doesn’t read this but you never know!!!) – those will go up on Ravelry soon since she’s not on there! I’m also working on some Flicker’s:


These are actually not as orange as they look in the picture. The yarn is Sundara Sock Yarn in the Spiced colorway – I absolutely love her yarn. The colors are just amazing!!

I’m also working on a pair of Firestarters in some Wollmeise 100% Superwash in Indisch Rot:


These actually started pooling on me while knitting the leg, so I abandoned the ribbing called for up the leg and decided to just continue the stockinette and cable pattern as I like how its knitting up that way (the subtle flashes of color are awesome!!!). I found this yarn to be a bit stringy, although I’ve heard that it softens up after washing so I guess we’ll see.

Why all the socks you ask? Because I promised myself I wouldn’t knit sweaters until I lost some weight. I really needed a kick in the ass and my love for sweater knitting just may do the trick. In addition, I just cleared out my entire closet due to a horrible moth infestation (luckily they were only in my closet where no yarn is stored!!!). I’ve rediscovered all these beautiful dresses and lots or slacks for work and cute tops that I haven’t been able to wear, and I’m determined to get into them by winter! So the running starts (and I’m so not a runner, but it seems like a good idea) and the healthy eating with it. I’ll allow myself to knit a sweater everytime I drop a pant size until I get to my desired size. I figured that’s pretty good motivation, right? Maybe I’ll add a pair of shoes to that too, to go with all my handknit socks 🙂


Oh, this poor, poor blog has been neglected waaaay too long! My blogiversary even came and went and I missed posting anything about it! Woe is my blog.

Things have been pretty crazy – gearing up for Ravelympics, then furiously knitting for Ravelympics, and trapped in that time frame there was a lot of traveling. But, I have a ton of FO’s to post about – Garter Yoke Cardi being one that I finished BEFORE Ravelympics even started!! – but i think it deserves its own post so I’ll hold off on that. I also really need to work on the pattern for the Knitty Twist socks – I haven’t gotten very far into it and should get it all down before I don’t understand my pattern notes!

One great thing that occurred over the last few months was my sister and her husband any my beautiful niece finally moved back to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area! Its been really great seeing them regularly, and my niece is at that age when she just wants to play all the time. She is too cute for words. I know you will agree with me – meet Dalya:


Hello! Adorable!!!

My parents are celebrating their 35th year (!!!) Wedding Anniversary in September – I’m so lucky to have parents that are still going strong in their marriage. We are all heading up to their lakehouse this weekend to spend some time together which will be so much fun, also means more Dalya time!

I’ll be posting all of my FO’s from the past month in the next few weeks…knit on!!!

So, I’ve been MIA lately. I’ve been knitting, but just getting back on my feel from an insane month of May. I was gone for half the month traveling, got sick from all the tree pollen in Northern California, and then woke up with a horrid crick in my neck after spending the night at my parent’s lakehouse for Labor Day. AGH!!!

There have been good times within all the insanity…I celebrated my 33rd birthday on the 9th, and along with 2 other friends who also had birthdays within a week apart celebrated all together with an evening cookout – turkey burgers, homemade oreo ice cream (OMG!!!), chocolate cake, lots of vodka and tequila shots make for a very memorable birthday!

And last night we celebrated another friend’s birthday! We had sushi (my third time for sushi in one week!!!) and went to the gay bar for some dancing. What’s better than a country gay bar, I ask??

Here’s another form of eye candy (if you like the color red…and socks):


Pattern: Leyburn Socks by MintyFresh
Yarn: Sundara Sock Yarn in Sangria over Garnet
Needles: Size 1 Addi Lace circs
Mods: Lots!! See below

Love these socks!! Its too hot to wear them now, but they are absolutely gorgeous. I did have a bit of a hard time getting these to fit. The first time I knit them I followed the pattern exactly and couldn’t get them over my heel without pulling and pulling and pulling.  So I ripped the sock out and instead of increasing the instep stitches to only 31, I increased to 37 stitches.

The pattern also calls for increases right before knitting the heel to make it easier to get thje sock on and off, and additional increase after the heel for the leg.  I tried this and the result was a baggy leg!!  So I simply increased the sole stitches before the heel to a total of 35 stitches and used those for the short row heel. They fit perfectly! Here’s a close up of the slip-stitch pattern:



A few months ago my knitting twin Elin and I thought it would be fun to do a sock swap together. We email on a daily basis about all things knitty, with a little of personal life thrown in for some spice. I got my package from her about a week ago and feel horrible for not posting about it sooner, but my excuse is that I was out of town almost all of last week and since have developed this horrid hacking cough with green stuff, so I have been spending my time recovering. Anyway, here’s what I came home to!


Look how gorgeous!!  Its the Hourglass Eyelet Socks in Louet Gems in the Cherry Red colorway.  They fit perfect!  I actually wore the one sock around the house all day today all by its lonesome.  Very comfy – I may have to get my hands on some more of that Louet Gems before too long (that is not until after I get some STR – those are next on my list!!) (hmm, I just realized that I do have some of that Louet Gems in my stash to make stripey socks!…or something).  Along with the sock Elin sent me some yummy dark and milk chocolate (its practically gone already) and a lovely skein of Sundara sock yarn in the Delphinium colorway (you can see a pic here on Ravelry). Thanks Elin!!

On the WIP front I cast on for Sahara a few days ago, but haven’t gotten far so I won’t bore you anyone with a lame pic.  I also started and finished Otto, and will be writing a separate post about that.  And I cast on for the Haruha scarf today, but again haven’t gotten far so I’ll post a WIP pic at a later date.

When I heard Radiohead was coming through Dallas a few months ago I knew I had to go. HAD TO GO. And I got seat tickets to see them at the Center in Dallas during the presale, but my friend Chris did even better. Yes, I was one of those lucky people that got to see Radiohead in the pit. Chris is the man.

Without even fighting a crowd, I got to see Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood so close I could see facial expressions. They sounded fucking amazing. AMAZING. I was a bit bummed that they didn’t play a lot of their older music, specifically from The Bends and OK Computer (when they did play Fake Plastic Trees, I got the goose bumps), but…WOW. WOW WOW WOW.

I didn’t take my camera because it takes sucky pictures at night, but my friend Chris did, and he got some amazing pictures.

Click here to see the rest of Chris’ pics from the show.

Radiohead, I love thee. If they are coming to your town and you don’t have tickets, buy them from scalpers. Check on craigs list. Because if you are a Radiohead fan, you MUST GO.

Now I must take the week to recover as the insanity that was last week has finally caught up with me and I’m sick.

That’s what I am. I stay up waaaay too late, especially on the weekends, and then my whole week is messed up. Its not until I have to wake up super early for a flight or a meeting when I get back on schedule, but usually only for a few days or a week, then I’m back to staying up late. Normally I’d be knitting right now, but I’ve been knitting for hours and I just can’t do it anymore today. And plus I feel like I’ve been neglecting my poor little blog!

Update on my knitting…I finished all of the major gifts I had to finish for March on time, so I found myself at the end of March with some freedom to choose!! I had 2 socks on the needles that I ended up frogging…the Nutkin socks and Leyburn which I never even posted about here. I plan on restarting the Leyburn socks with an additioanl 5 stitches, as soon as I’m done with these:

Stockinette sKNITches WIP

I love them. This is a basic stockinette sock over 60 stitches in sKNITches Syncopation Self-Striping Sock Yarn in Collegiate. I had been stalking the sKNITches website for weeks when I finally discovered that I could have the yarn custom dyed, so I ordered!!! I was in need of a mindless sock after the insanity that is called Bayerische. One of the things I love most about this is the afterthought, or peasant, heel. Love love love it. Its perfect for self striping sock yarn. I’ve got one sock finished and am just past the toe on the second.

Salina WIP

I also picked up Salina again. Its another mindless knit – all stockinette, and its turning out great so far (I think). I’ve got the back knit up and plan on starting the front tomorrow.

I also swatched for the Auburn Camp Shirt today. I’m going to use JaggerSpun Zephyr Wool-Silk 2/18 in Ruby (more red!)! I missed the Project Spectrum boat and I’m a month behind…Every time I look at yarns I’m drawn to the reds. I’m hoping this will change soon or I may have red yarn everywhere!!

An update on life – I’m soooo glad March is over. That was one crazy month. It took me a week to recover!!!  I do miss my niece though…I cna’t wait to see her when my sister and her husband come to visit in May for Mother’s Day.  I still do a lot of traveling this month, but at least they are to cool cities – San Fran, Seattle, and Portland. I’m going to try and check out Artfibers when I’m in San Fran just to see what it is all about as Nicole and Jenny of Stash and Burn talk about it all the time (well, they did last year as I’m still listening to the old podcasts!)!  Oh, and if you are interested in burning through your stash, I have set up a challenge on the Stash and Burn Ravelry group here.  You can win yarn!!!

I also started taking Bikram Yoga and it has totally changed my body. I need to buy another 10 session package, its really worth the $$. I’m going to be planting some tomato and pepper plants tomorrow in my garden, with maybe a cucumber plant too. I was so excited to see my strawberries are already blooming!!!

I got a new iPod as my ancient one finally died. Oh, and I bought a swift which has made a HUGE difference in ball winding. My sock yarn stash has grown exponentially. Oh, and I’m going to see Radiohead in May – pit tickets baby!!!

Ok, I’m pooped.  Catch you guys later.

Ooooh, WordPress got a face lift in the editing section!  Woo hoo!



Can you believe how freaking adorable she is??!!  I mean I know everyone thinks their baby is the most gorgeous, but come on, my niece is just too adorable for words.  My sister sent me a text message (actually my brother-in-law sent it as she was having a contraction at the time) on Thursday during my last meeting in Miami that she was in labor.  I immediately changed my flight to come into Albuquerque and attempt to be around for her birth.  Well, she decided to wait for me, my mom, AND my dad to arrive.  The greatest thing was I was able to be in the room during the delivery and helped her hubby and my mom coach my sister.  After being in labor for 25 hours and pushing for 4 1/2, I was able to see this little one come into the world.  And I mean I watched the entire thing.  And no, I didn’t pass out.  That was a shocker.  Oh, and the picture at the bottom is one with her new baby blanket, which was apparently the talk of the nursery.

She’s beautiful!!!

The next month for me is hell.  Pure freaking hell.  Well, the last month has been pretty hellish, but March is worse, much much worse.  In February I have been away from home for 12 days.  In March I’m gone 14 days (L.A., Key Biscayne, and Albuquerque), with the possibility of more days if my sister doesn’t have her baby while I’m visiting.  And in the middle of the month I’m also in a wedding!  And I have to finish 2 shrugs for it, in addition to a baby blanket.  WTF was I thinking????

In all of the chaos that is about to enter my life, I also decided to take up Bikram Yoga.  There is a studio minutes from my house, and I can’t. freaking. wait.  I hear its sooo good for you, especially for people that have neck and back issues (which I do..I have my ample bosom to that for that).  So I’m taking the plunge, shelling out the $120 for 10 sessions and have already written the days I’m going to go on my calender!  Another plus about Bikram is that its also good for weight loss (the guy that I spoke with on the phone who is now a teacher there said he’s lost 50 pounds doing just Bikram yoga – gives you something to think about!!). And I am in serious need of some weight loss.

Since I have no update on my knitting, here’s some yarn p0rn!


Hazel Knits Artisan Sock in Greenlake


MadelineTosh Sock in Lichen


Tempted Good Grrl Sock in Bordello


Due to the fact that I CANNOT control my purchasing of sock yarn – seriously, it has become some sort of obsession where I cannot NOT buy sock yarn, like I went to The Loopy Ewe during there most recent sneak up and placed three separate orders because I kept going back for more yarn, then went to Etsy and put more sock yarn in my cart although I haven’t actually bought any of it yet…that’s my restraint, adding it to my cart without checking out…Anyway, got sidetracked there.  What I really want to blog about is that I cast on for 2 pairs of socks:

This is Bayerische by Eunny Jang in The Natural Dye Studio Alba Shetland 4 Ply Sock in Leaf:


I think they are coming along nicely!  This pattern is so intense, cable after cable after cable!  At first I thought the yarn might be too fuzzy for the cables to show, but after a full repeat I think not.

I also wanted to start a pair of socks that weren’t so time intensive, so I cast on for Nutkin with Sunshine Yarns Soft Sock Yarn in Lava:


Oh, I’m in love with this yarn.  If you don’t have a skein of Sunshine Yarns in your stash, go get one!  the colors are beautiful and I love how the yarn feels when knit.  Yummy!!

And the last recent cast on is a shrug for one of my bestest friends’ wedding.  I’m knitting two of these, one for myself and one for my fellow bridesmaid.  Its the Two-Toned Ribbed Shrug found in Fitted Knits in Blue Kky Alpaca Suri Merino in Earth.  Oh is this yarn yummy.  So soft and delicious!  I think the color matched very well with the dress (I’ll show the final result after the wedding!) and love how its knitting up (please ignore that white thingy near my middle finger…I have no idea what that is):


I am still knitting on my niece’s baby blanket, but its not much to blog about.  But my Salina and the other shrug I was knitting have taken a back seat to some other projects that need to be done (ok, so the socks didn’t really need to be cast on but I wanted to participate in the Sockdown challenge this month!!) .

Oh, and I was lucky enough to see Barack Obama speak here in Dallas yesterday.  It was an all day affair, starting with standing in line for well over an hour (it might have even been two).  I think in the end it took about 5 hours.  But it was worth it.  See, here in Texas the primaries generally don’t matter.  By the time we are able to vote we already know who there candidates are going to be.  But this year it matters!  And I really felt like I was part of history.  I’m really not into politics myself – I of course vote every chance I get (even though it doesn’t really matter as I’m a democrat is a heavily Republican state), but I don’t dig politics that much.  But I thought this was a chance of a lifetime.  And it was so worth it – Reunion Arena was electric and buzzing and it was just fantastic!  Now I gotta get myself to early voting tomorrow as I will be out of town on March 4th!

P.S.  I just ordered the yarn in my Etsy cart.  Dammit.

First I’ll post my FO. It was a gift to a friend over at Paperback Swap, and she asked that I knit up a Calorimetry in purple for her daughter.


Pattern: Calorimetry by Kathryn Schoendorf
Needles: US8 Susan bates Straight Needles
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky in Plum (#08) – less than 1 ball
Mods: Cast on 92 stitches instead of 120.

I think it turned out great. I love the button!

On to other things..has it really been almost 2 weeks since I last posted?? That’s insane. Just not possible. Where does all the time go? Granted I have been out of town for over a week (since the 6th) but still, come on, slow down a little!

I’ve actually been a bit stressed lately. Work has been crazy…I travel every week up until the last week of March. And the weekly travel isn’t so much of a big deal except that I also have some travel for personal reasons, mainly to Albuquerque to visit my sister and her growing belly (only 5 weeks until I’m an auntie!!). Luckily my cats have been fairly forgiving – I didn’t come home to piles of crap or vomit everywhere. But they did miss me, that I can tell.

And has everyone else gotten that nasty bug that’s going around, or is that only an epidemic here in the Lone Star state? I got sick on the flight over to Tulsa the last week of January, and it was a doozy – first it was a hacking cough where I gobbled up an entire bag of cough drops in one night (where is the cough syrup with codeine when you need it?!?!). It then progressed to the hacking up of nasty green gunk, so of course I started antibiotics. I decided maybe I should go to the doctor, cause you know, maybe they have this wonderful new cure that would make whatever I had go away. Instead I got a shot of steroids into my a$$ and it did nothing – absolutely NOTHING!!! And I got to hear that people who travel get sick all the time because of the recirculated air on planes, so I started to get paranoid. Thanks doc, can I get some Xanax with those steroids? After a week I finally felt normal, only to have everyone else around me get the bug.

Plus I’ve got gift knitting going on all over the place. I’m starting the first of two shrugs for my best friend’s wedding this weekend. And I also started the third panel for my sister’s baby blanket (woo hoo!!) while I was in San Francisco (speaking of, below you can check out the yarn I picked up at ImagiKnit while I was there – LOVE THAT STORE!!!). I’ve only got the thumb and cuff left on the second Endpaper Mitt, and I finally turned the heel on the second BFF sock while on the flight back last night (these are for ME!).

Maybe I need to do some meditation to curb this stress.

Or some Xanax…seriously.

Ok, knitting does calm me down, so I plan on chilling out at home tonight with my knitting and the tube. I know, I know, its Valentine’s Day – Oh, Happy Valentine’s Day!! Its sacrilegious to stay home on V-day. But I don’t really care…I already have some flowers (which are beautiful), and I have a date tomorrow night so its all good.

Onto some yarn p0rn. Earlier I mentioned that I was in San Francisco this week, and I also mentioned that I was able to make my way to a fantabulous knitting store called Imagiknit. Wow. Holy sh*t. OMG. I was like a little girl in a candy store. I was with some friends who are not knitters and ended up sitting on the couch there waiting for me to pick out my loot…they must have thought I was crazy. If you ever in the Bay area and have a chance to go there…GO THERE! I was fingering (that work makes me laugh) everything they had, and they have EVERYTHING! Well, not everything but a lot of yarn! I had a hard time keeping my purchase under $100 (I didn’t want to go overboard) but here’s what I brought home:


Notice how they are all of the same color family?? On the left is some Dream in Color Smooshy sock yarn in In Vino Veritas. On the right is some Malabrigo Merino Worsted in Velvet Grapes (for a scarf for ME!), and on the bottom is some Koigu KPPPM in #318. I also picked up some Clover sock needles that are 4″ in length, so I’m excited about using those.

I must also confess that I purchased some yarn at my LYS whilst picking up the rest of the Suri Merino for the shrugs. I had asked the proprietor Ronda if she could order me another skein of Claudia’s Hand Painted Sock Yarn in Plumlicious as I only had one and wanted a set. So I go in to pick up my Suri Merino and Plumlicious only and I see she has other Claudia colors. And I just can’t resist. Must. Buy. More. Sock. Yarn. So here’s what I snagged:


This colorway is Walk in the Woods.


And this one is Electric.


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