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I have lots of knitting fantasies. LOTS. Cardigans. Pullovers. Socks. Even lacy stoles. My Ravelry queue is bordering on ridiculous. But I cannot stop myself! Once that perfect cardigan or sock pops up on my friends activity page, I have to add it. I have recently restrained myself from adding more sweaters (especially that turtleneck that just got added since I don’t really ever wear them!). How will I ever knit all these things?!?!

I have the startitis right now. I’m not sure why exactly as its about to get really hot here and if I knit with wool I just know it will felt before it even gets onto the needles. But I want to start them all the same. I just finished Blue Gable and will show pictures in the next post. I started the Auburn Camp Shirt in JaggerSpun Zephyr Wool/-Silk 2/18 in Ruby:

Ruby Camp Shirt WIP

I’ve currently got 3 socks on the needles – the Leyburn socks which are giving me fits right now. I knit one and it was too tight. I got to the leg portion of the second and I had increased too much so they were too wide. I have now ripped back to the heel and hopefully will find the magic formula.

Leyborn Socks WIP

I also cast on for some socks for a sock pal. Can’t show pictures yet, but I’ve got one sock down and I think it may be too large too. Grrrr.

Friday night I cast on for some simple stockinette socks. The numerous skeins of Knitterly Things Vesper sock yarn has been calling my name for weeks, so I finally gave in and randomly picked a skein and knit away. Here’s the progress so far in the Meteor colorway:

Meteor Striping Socks WIP

In closing I’d like to show some pictures from my garden.


From left to right – Roses galore. Japanese Hydrangea. Lilly of some kind. Tomatos. Banana peppers.

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