This post won’t be as long as I anticipated (please see last line of this post), but here goes!

This cardi was originally inspired by Melissa of knittingschooldropout and her garter cardigan. My friend Elin pointed it out to me and we both thought it was just gorgeous! During our discussions we decided that 1) We would design a very similar cardigan for ourselves, and 2) that we would knit it together! So we ordered our yarn and started cranking out our numbers. Here’s the end result:

Garter Yoke Cardi

Pattern: Garter Yoke Cardigan, designed by me
Yarn: O-Wool Balance in Lapis, 11 hanks
Needles: US Size 1 and 3 Addi Turbo’s
Size: Large

This was my first time to ever design a garment and it was definitely a learning experience. I started out with a pretty wide collar (28″ I think), and knit a garter yoke increasing every 10 rounds or so. Once the yoke was 4 inches long I switched to raglan shaping to the armholes and from there adjusted with increases and decreases based on my measurements.

Once I tried on the finished garment I knew I had made a mistake with the collar. It was just too large and flopped around, and it gave absolutely no structure to the garment. I couldn’t even wear it unbuttoned! So I unknit the cast-on edge and ripped back an inch or so, and started re-knitting with more vigorous decreases and a bit of a longer yoke, and this made all the difference!! The cardi now has great structure and fits very well unbuttoned.

Although the knitting surgery listed above was kinda crappy, it wasn’t as bad as that which I had performed earlier. The last time I had posted in progress pictures about the cardi here on my neglected blog I noticed I had made a huge boo-boo…I hadn’t been knitting the button band in garter stitch! I knew it looked kind of off but wasn’t sure what it was. Well, I sure as shit wasn’t going to rip back 4-6 inches of knitted stitches, so instead out came the crochet hooks and safety pins. It took a few days but I was able to drop those 6 edge stitches on both sides and knit the garter edge. Whew!

Garter Yoke Cardi\

O-Wool Balance is fantastic yarn and I will totally be buying more in the future! Its a bit rough on the hands, especially the garter stitch section, but it softens up a bit after washing and is very cool when worn. I took these pictures in July during the Texas heat wave and I wasn’t even sweating!

I also had a hard time deciding what buttons to use. I found this great Etsy seller Zeldas Buttons which had lots of great vintage buttons (seriously I know the pictures aren’t fantastic there but her buttons are awesome). Plus I needed a total of 9 and its so hard to find vintage buttons in lots larger than 6 or 8, but from Zelda you can buy an entire bag! I ordered several different colors, but in the end I went with red even though I feared the “4th of July” look. LOVE how they look with the cardigan!

Garter Yoke Cardi

In the end I’m really happy with how this turned out. I learned a lot, and will definitely design more garments for me!!

I blogged about this cardi Monday night but for some reason the post has DISAPPEARED! Where oh where did it go??!! And it was so good too! I’m so pissed…