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I think this turned out pretty darn good…


Pattern: Sahara by Wendy Bernard
Yarn: Ella Rae Bamboo Silk in Mocha (or Baby Plum)
Beads: Amethyst Silver Lined Beads 6/0, about 2.5-6″ tubes
Needles: Size US4 & US6 Addi Circulars
Mods: Added some short rows, or course

Oh Sahara. The diamond rib stitch pattern is gorgeous. And I’m soooo glad I added beads. They were a bit of a PITA to thread on and knit with, but they really made a huge difference. And I love how this required practically no seaming what so ever (only needed it to seam up the center panel). Top down knits are the bomb!!

The only thing I would go back and change about this is I accidentally knit the hem in the wrong size needles. It doesn’t look bad, but I noticed that it puckers a bit when I wear it, so I may eventually go back and rip that out and reknit on US4’s. The good news is that I won’t run out of yarn! I love how the sleeves are constructed with short rows, and how you can adjust how deep you want the neckline by how far up you seam up the center panel (had to seam mine up a bit far – didn’t want the ladies poking out too much!!).


I will say that I’m a bit worried with how much the Ella Rae Bamboo Silk will stretch. I think a little more length will be fine, but I can see how it would want to stretch a bit more, so we’ll see with wear. I was also worried about the color, but think it turned out fantastic, especially with the beads – without them the color would have definitely washed me out.

Sahara edging

All around a fabulous knit.

I also knit up aHelmet Liner for my dad’s Christmas gift while on a business trip. Its a quick knit and I think he’ll love it!!

Dad's Helmet Liner

Pattern: Helmet Liner by Bonnie Long
Yarn: Malabrigo Merino Worsted in Stone Blue #99
Needles: Size US6 & US8 Addi Circulars and Crystal Palace DPN’S
Mods: None


A scarf I will actually wear come winter….


Pattern: Haruha Scarf by Tikru
Yarn: Colinette Jitterbug in Ginger Cinnabar
Needles: Size US5 Clover Bamboo Straight Needles
Mods: Garter rib on the edges and cables instead of twists

Another WINNER!!! I absolutely love love love this scarf. I fell in love with the Jitterbug Ginger Cinnabar colorway when I came upon it at my LYS, The Shabby Sheep. I knew it wouldn’t be enough yardage to make a pair of socks I liked (I like them long!), so I passed it up several times but then finally sucumbed to the lure of Jitterbug (ok, I just had a major case of deja vu and felt that I had already blogged about this!!! Twilight Zone!!). And Jitterbug is amazing. AMAZING! Since I knit this scarf up I have purchased an additional 6 skeins of Jitterbug, enough to make knee highs if I wanted to (most of it on sale thank goodness). I mean how can you resist more of this yumminess??


I made a few mods to this…I followed Elin‘s lead and knit the edges in garter instead of k1p1 ribbing. I also didn’t like the left- and right-leaning twist that the pattern calls for; instead I knit left and right twisting cables and think it turned out great!

Mia likes it too:


I’m woefully behind on posting FO’s!! I’ve knit a Helmet Liner for my dad and just took pictures of Sahara, just haven’t gotten around to blogging about them yet!! I also cast on for 2 new projects…have the pics for them too! They are both in cotton blends and my hands HURT! I will be taking a break from them for a day as I’m traveling to L.A. tomorrow for work. Socks will heal my hands, I just know they will!!

Why am I all about !!!’s tonight??

Alpaca Shrug

Pattern: Two-Toned Ribbed Shrug by Stefanie Japel in Fitted Knits
Yarn: Alpaca with a Twist Baby Twist in Cotton Candy – less than 1 jumbo hank (550 yards)
Needles: Size US4 and 7 Addi Turbo Circs
Mods: 1×1 ribbing on the collar and sleeves

This shrug turned out super cute! And very comfy and warm. I had started this way back in January but it got sidelined for several other projects. I also realized that I had knit the sleeves and started the collar on the wrong sized needles, so I had to rip both back. I finally picked it back up last month and realized after i had knit 4 inches in the collar that I had knit it in a 1×1 rib instead of the 2×2 rib that pattern called for! So I just went with it. I think it looks great, and now I don’t have 2 shrugs that look exactly the same!! My friend Jenny freaked out when she found out I had knit this shrug up as she is always looking for the perfect shrug – so I’ll probably be knitting her some soon!!

On the WIp front, I’m almost finished with Sahara – I had to buy another hank of yarn as I ran out right before the second sleeve (argh!!) – I’m just praying the dye lots aren’t too off. I’m also knitting up a pair of socks for my sock pal for the Loopy Ewe Secret Sock Swap…I’ve just got the leg to go on the second sock! I actually knit one sock previously and it was waaaay too big, so i had to rip it out and start all over.

I’m also working on a pair of socks for myself. I had originally thought I’d knit them for my sock pal then thought maybe it might be too crazy for her (not that I know her style that much but just by looking at her Ravelry page!!). here’s a look see:

Bloody Mary WIP

Pretty soon I’ll start knitting a Garter Yoke Cardi with my friend Elin in a knit-along with some O-Wool Balance.  The yarn is gorgeous! I am torn on what color buttons to use…I just ordered a bunch of Etsy so we’ll see if one matches well…

Agggh! the power just went ouGt! hopefully it will come on again ASAP!

So, I’ve been MIA lately. I’ve been knitting, but just getting back on my feel from an insane month of May. I was gone for half the month traveling, got sick from all the tree pollen in Northern California, and then woke up with a horrid crick in my neck after spending the night at my parent’s lakehouse for Labor Day. AGH!!!

There have been good times within all the insanity…I celebrated my 33rd birthday on the 9th, and along with 2 other friends who also had birthdays within a week apart celebrated all together with an evening cookout – turkey burgers, homemade oreo ice cream (OMG!!!), chocolate cake, lots of vodka and tequila shots make for a very memorable birthday!

And last night we celebrated another friend’s birthday! We had sushi (my third time for sushi in one week!!!) and went to the gay bar for some dancing. What’s better than a country gay bar, I ask??

Here’s another form of eye candy (if you like the color red…and socks):


Pattern: Leyburn Socks by MintyFresh
Yarn: Sundara Sock Yarn in Sangria over Garnet
Needles: Size 1 Addi Lace circs
Mods: Lots!! See below

Love these socks!! Its too hot to wear them now, but they are absolutely gorgeous. I did have a bit of a hard time getting these to fit. The first time I knit them I followed the pattern exactly and couldn’t get them over my heel without pulling and pulling and pulling.  So I ripped the sock out and instead of increasing the instep stitches to only 31, I increased to 37 stitches.

The pattern also calls for increases right before knitting the heel to make it easier to get thje sock on and off, and additional increase after the heel for the leg.  I tried this and the result was a baggy leg!!  So I simply increased the sole stitches before the heel to a total of 35 stitches and used those for the short row heel. They fit perfectly! Here’s a close up of the slip-stitch pattern:



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