That’s my Japanese Maple. Its absolutely stunning. And huge – I’d say 10 feet tall. It just loves where it resides in my backyard, and is growing like crazy. I swear its grown 2 feet since last year at least.

Don’t you love it when everything in your garden start to bud and bloom? I have just spent the last 2 days working in my garden. Wow, that is some back breaking work. Especially when you have crab grass everywhere, and you decide to reorganize a LOT or your garden. I moved so many things around – with my dad’s help. I purchased my house from a couple who loved their garden. I have some unusual plants, most of which I’m unfamiliar. But I know they threw down a pretty penny as I have heard some of these plants are pricey. One thing that I have discovered is that the spots where they originally planted some stuff has become a not so great spot, especially since they have grown to humongous proportions. I need to do some more moving around, but with more help so that is going to be project for next year.

So, my dad and I moved two rose bushes and removed some plants that I ended up not liking, whether it be their location or how they were growing, or the fact that I could put something prettier there. I was flowers dammit, not just bushed everywhere. In fact I almost got rid of a couple of Salvia bushes but once my dad tied them up so they were vertical, I was much happier with it. I love it now since I can actually add some flowers to the flower bed in the front of my house. I also had my roses bushes cut waaaaay back, to the point where they are very stubby, but there are little new growths all over it, so I’m super excited! Anyway, here’s what’s about to pop in my garden:


I have no idea what this plant it (or I did but can’t remember), so if you know let me know!!


Butterfly Rose bush


Again, I can’t remember. Peonies!! It blooms these huge beautiful flowers once a year.



And some Wysteria.

I also planted some veggies. Four tomato plants – 2 cherry, 1 grape, and 1 celebrity variety, and I think I might add one more. I also planted an orange bell pepper, a sweet banana pepper, and a jalepeno pepper. I created a little herb garden which includes some basil and cilantro at the moment, and I’ll add some Turkish parsley, probably some dill, and if I run out of room for potted veggies, some Turkish peppers. Here’s my tomato plant ready to start growing:


And my strawberries came back, and I’ve got some fruit about to turn red!


I’m going to try and post about my garden regularly throughout the spring and summer, because I really want to go out there every weekend, even for just an hour or two. I have a lot of work back there and I’m determined to keep up with it this year instead of it getting out of control and then me being scared to see the damage. Plus, I will get you mosquitoes, I promise. I got some lovely organic killer all ready to go!