Can you believe how freaking adorable she is??!!  I mean I know everyone thinks their baby is the most gorgeous, but come on, my niece is just too adorable for words.  My sister sent me a text message (actually my brother-in-law sent it as she was having a contraction at the time) on Thursday during my last meeting in Miami that she was in labor.  I immediately changed my flight to come into Albuquerque and attempt to be around for her birth.  Well, she decided to wait for me, my mom, AND my dad to arrive.  The greatest thing was I was able to be in the room during the delivery and helped her hubby and my mom coach my sister.  After being in labor for 25 hours and pushing for 4 1/2, I was able to see this little one come into the world.  And I mean I watched the entire thing.  And no, I didn’t pass out.  That was a shocker.  Oh, and the picture at the bottom is one with her new baby blanket, which was apparently the talk of the nursery.

She’s beautiful!!!