The next month for me is hell.  Pure freaking hell.  Well, the last month has been pretty hellish, but March is worse, much much worse.  In February I have been away from home for 12 days.  In March I’m gone 14 days (L.A., Key Biscayne, and Albuquerque), with the possibility of more days if my sister doesn’t have her baby while I’m visiting.  And in the middle of the month I’m also in a wedding!  And I have to finish 2 shrugs for it, in addition to a baby blanket.  WTF was I thinking????

In all of the chaos that is about to enter my life, I also decided to take up Bikram Yoga.  There is a studio minutes from my house, and I can’t. freaking. wait.  I hear its sooo good for you, especially for people that have neck and back issues (which I do..I have my ample bosom to that for that).  So I’m taking the plunge, shelling out the $120 for 10 sessions and have already written the days I’m going to go on my calender!  Another plus about Bikram is that its also good for weight loss (the guy that I spoke with on the phone who is now a teacher there said he’s lost 50 pounds doing just Bikram yoga – gives you something to think about!!). And I am in serious need of some weight loss.

Since I have no update on my knitting, here’s some yarn p0rn!


Hazel Knits Artisan Sock in Greenlake


MadelineTosh Sock in Lichen


Tempted Good Grrl Sock in Bordello