Due to the fact that I CANNOT control my purchasing of sock yarn – seriously, it has become some sort of obsession where I cannot NOT buy sock yarn, like I went to The Loopy Ewe during there most recent sneak up and placed three separate orders because I kept going back for more yarn, then went to Etsy and put more sock yarn in my cart although I haven’t actually bought any of it yet…that’s my restraint, adding it to my cart without checking out…Anyway, got sidetracked there.  What I really want to blog about is that I cast on for 2 pairs of socks:

This is Bayerische by Eunny Jang in The Natural Dye Studio Alba Shetland 4 Ply Sock in Leaf:


I think they are coming along nicely!  This pattern is so intense, cable after cable after cable!  At first I thought the yarn might be too fuzzy for the cables to show, but after a full repeat I think not.

I also wanted to start a pair of socks that weren’t so time intensive, so I cast on for Nutkin with Sunshine Yarns Soft Sock Yarn in Lava:


Oh, I’m in love with this yarn.  If you don’t have a skein of Sunshine Yarns in your stash, go get one!  the colors are beautiful and I love how the yarn feels when knit.  Yummy!!

And the last recent cast on is a shrug for one of my bestest friends’ wedding.  I’m knitting two of these, one for myself and one for my fellow bridesmaid.  Its the Two-Toned Ribbed Shrug found in Fitted Knits in Blue Kky Alpaca Suri Merino in Earth.  Oh is this yarn yummy.  So soft and delicious!  I think the color matched very well with the dress (I’ll show the final result after the wedding!) and love how its knitting up (please ignore that white thingy near my middle finger…I have no idea what that is):


I am still knitting on my niece’s baby blanket, but its not much to blog about.  But my Salina and the other shrug I was knitting have taken a back seat to some other projects that need to be done (ok, so the socks didn’t really need to be cast on but I wanted to participate in the Sockdown challenge this month!!) .

Oh, and I was lucky enough to see Barack Obama speak here in Dallas yesterday.  It was an all day affair, starting with standing in line for well over an hour (it might have even been two).  I think in the end it took about 5 hours.  But it was worth it.  See, here in Texas the primaries generally don’t matter.  By the time we are able to vote we already know who there candidates are going to be.  But this year it matters!  And I really felt like I was part of history.  I’m really not into politics myself – I of course vote every chance I get (even though it doesn’t really matter as I’m a democrat is a heavily Republican state), but I don’t dig politics that much.  But I thought this was a chance of a lifetime.  And it was so worth it – Reunion Arena was electric and buzzing and it was just fantastic!  Now I gotta get myself to early voting tomorrow as I will be out of town on March 4th!

P.S.  I just ordered the yarn in my Etsy cart.  Dammit.