First I’ll post my FO. It was a gift to a friend over at Paperback Swap, and she asked that I knit up a Calorimetry in purple for her daughter.


Pattern: Calorimetry by Kathryn Schoendorf
Needles: US8 Susan bates Straight Needles
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky in Plum (#08) – less than 1 ball
Mods: Cast on 92 stitches instead of 120.

I think it turned out great. I love the button!

On to other things..has it really been almost 2 weeks since I last posted?? That’s insane. Just not possible. Where does all the time go? Granted I have been out of town for over a week (since the 6th) but still, come on, slow down a little!

I’ve actually been a bit stressed lately. Work has been crazy…I travel every week up until the last week of March. And the weekly travel isn’t so much of a big deal except that I also have some travel for personal reasons, mainly to Albuquerque to visit my sister and her growing belly (only 5 weeks until I’m an auntie!!). Luckily my cats have been fairly forgiving – I didn’t come home to piles of crap or vomit everywhere. But they did miss me, that I can tell.

And has everyone else gotten that nasty bug that’s going around, or is that only an epidemic here in the Lone Star state? I got sick on the flight over to Tulsa the last week of January, and it was a doozy – first it was a hacking cough where I gobbled up an entire bag of cough drops in one night (where is the cough syrup with codeine when you need it?!?!). It then progressed to the hacking up of nasty green gunk, so of course I started antibiotics. I decided maybe I should go to the doctor, cause you know, maybe they have this wonderful new cure that would make whatever I had go away. Instead I got a shot of steroids into my a$$ and it did nothing – absolutely NOTHING!!! And I got to hear that people who travel get sick all the time because of the recirculated air on planes, so I started to get paranoid. Thanks doc, can I get some Xanax with those steroids? After a week I finally felt normal, only to have everyone else around me get the bug.

Plus I’ve got gift knitting going on all over the place. I’m starting the first of two shrugs for my best friend’s wedding this weekend. And I also started the third panel for my sister’s baby blanket (woo hoo!!) while I was in San Francisco (speaking of, below you can check out the yarn I picked up at ImagiKnit while I was there – LOVE THAT STORE!!!). I’ve only got the thumb and cuff left on the second Endpaper Mitt, and I finally turned the heel on the second BFF sock while on the flight back last night (these are for ME!).

Maybe I need to do some meditation to curb this stress.

Or some Xanax…seriously.

Ok, knitting does calm me down, so I plan on chilling out at home tonight with my knitting and the tube. I know, I know, its Valentine’s Day – Oh, Happy Valentine’s Day!! Its sacrilegious to stay home on V-day. But I don’t really care…I already have some flowers (which are beautiful), and I have a date tomorrow night so its all good.

Onto some yarn p0rn. Earlier I mentioned that I was in San Francisco this week, and I also mentioned that I was able to make my way to a fantabulous knitting store called Imagiknit. Wow. Holy sh*t. OMG. I was like a little girl in a candy store. I was with some friends who are not knitters and ended up sitting on the couch there waiting for me to pick out my loot…they must have thought I was crazy. If you ever in the Bay area and have a chance to go there…GO THERE! I was fingering (that work makes me laugh) everything they had, and they have EVERYTHING! Well, not everything but a lot of yarn! I had a hard time keeping my purchase under $100 (I didn’t want to go overboard) but here’s what I brought home:


Notice how they are all of the same color family?? On the left is some Dream in Color Smooshy sock yarn in In Vino Veritas. On the right is some Malabrigo Merino Worsted in Velvet Grapes (for a scarf for ME!), and on the bottom is some Koigu KPPPM in #318. I also picked up some Clover sock needles that are 4″ in length, so I’m excited about using those.

I must also confess that I purchased some yarn at my LYS whilst picking up the rest of the Suri Merino for the shrugs. I had asked the proprietor Ronda if she could order me another skein of Claudia’s Hand Painted Sock Yarn in Plumlicious as I only had one and wanted a set. So I go in to pick up my Suri Merino and Plumlicious only and I see she has other Claudia colors. And I just can’t resist. Must. Buy. More. Sock. Yarn. So here’s what I snagged:


This colorway is Walk in the Woods.


And this one is Electric.