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Don’t you hate when you’ve written this long post, and you’ve included everything you want, but then you go and add a picture and the post freaking disappears?? That’s what happened to my last 2007 in Review post. I hope I remember everything I originally covered!

My New Years Eve was such a blast this year. Last year was awesome too – a bunch of friends came over and we just got smashed, did some dancing, etc. This year we took the extra step in going to my parents lakehouse on Lake Texoma for the weekend – well, Sunday through Tuesday. Oh. My. God. we had so much fun! My friend Chris put together a mad dance mix so we danced the New Year in. We also had hundreds of sparklers courtesy of my friends Schuyler and Ellen from their wedding three years ago and we LIT THEM ALL!!! There almost nothing better than a great time with great friends. Here are a few pics.



Did you notice the accumulation of drunk in each photo??  This last one is the day after…we are still in recovery mode but I love taking these group pics before leaving the lakehouse. So much fun!

Ok, now to some knitting talk. I have copied a bunch of other knitters and put together a flickr set of all my FO’s in 2007.


I started teaching myself to knit in December of 2006, but I really didn’t start knitting until sometime in the middle of the year. I think I discovered that there was more to knitting that just scarves and hats, and grandma-y things. Well now I’m totally OBSESSED!! I can’t buy enough yarn and I can’t wait to cast on the next project. I have a few knitting resolutions for next year that I’d like to share:

  1. Knit sweaters/tops – at least 5. I have Tangled Yoke on the needles that I’m almost finished with, and I have Salina ready to go. I also have yarn for one other and I’d like to crank out a Central Park Hoodie. I’ve already researched yarns on that one 🙂 I’ve also got yarn for a few tops that I’d like to knit up, and those are great as they don’t take as long!
  2. Knit socks – at least 6. I am obsessed with sock yarn and I haven’t even finished my first pair yet! I keep having to rip back, and now I think I’ve got a sock that’s too large, so I’ll have to re-knit it (or deal with a large sock). But sock yarn is so lovely that I’ve accumulated many many skeins. This may be the year of the sock.
  3. I also want to knit a gift every month so that once December rolls around I’m not stressing about it. Gifting should be a pleasurable experience, not stress filled!
  4. Learn something new – always! I’d like to tackle something that I’m not familiar with and plow through it.

Happy New Year everyone!

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