Almost done! I have only a few Garter Mug Cozies to finish up then if I can get to it a My So Called Scarf I started for my sis. I wanted to make one more thing for my mom, and if I have time I’ll get to it (I’m thinking of Leisel to match her Calorimetry, which I haven’t posted about yet cause I still need the button!!). But almost everything is finished. In the course of knitting gifts for friends and family I have developed a callus on my middle left finger and have mini bruises on my ring fingers where I grip the DPN’s. But its all in the spirit of giving so its all good.

Here are a few things I have almost finished but still need some finishing on:


This is my friend Aerin’s The Clutch You’ll Never Give Up from One Skein, and her favorite colors at the moment are brown, red and aqua (at least they are her wedding colors). The blue isn’t as aqua as I would have liked but that’s a hard color to find! I used Knit Picks Wool of the Andes, and as this was my first felting project I really liked how it turned out. Now I need some buttons!

Here’s my mom’s calorimetry, which is finished except for the button (I really need to get to Joann’s):


She saw the one I made for my sis and absolutely loved it, so she’s getting one too!

I only have 3 days of knitting left so I’m going to get to it. I am coming down with something too (I think its a sinus infection), so I hope that doesn’t derail the knitting mojo! If I don’t post again have a happy holiday!