I had the opportunity to take a pretty much free trip to Acapulco, Mexico, and jumped at the chance.  My mom was going to a medical conference there (that I had informed her about), and since she already had the hotel room paid for with educational money, I decided to hop on board.  I got a ticket there and back using airline miles, and took $250 with me, which is all I spent the entire time there.  We stayed at a gorgeous hotel, The Fairmont Acapulco Princess, which had these on the hotel grounds:


Yep, lots of wildlife.  I took some knitting with me for evenings…I figured I could get a few of the Garter Mug Cozies out of the way (I think I ended up knitting 3 while I was there), and read 6 books poolside.  SIX BOOKS!!! It was a very relaxing vacation (even if I was ready to be away from mom for a few days).


Can you feel the breeze from the ocean??  I’m soooo glad I made the decision to go.  It was so worth it!

I have several Christmas and Baby FO’s to report, and I’ll do those over the course of the next few days!