I cast on for Elijah on Friday, even though I hadn’t finished the Shifting Sands scarf yet.  I kinda got tired of knitting it (I find it hard to knit a scarf all at once…its too long!).  I’ve only got about 1/3 of a hank left, so I’ll probably finish it by tomorrow.  Here’s what it looks like so far:


Its curling like a mo-fo on me, so it will need some serious blocking and probably some steam blocking too.  But its a gorgeous knit, and I know the recipient will be very happy with it!

Anyway, like I said I cast on for Elijah on Friday.  Since I’m knitting Elijah in pink, I’m calling her Elisa.  I was so excited to knit this little cutie, that as soon as I got my yarn in the mail Thursday I knew it wouldn’t sit in my stash for long.  However, once I set out the pattern and started to knit, I realized that the yarn I bought was not even the right weight!  Why I thought Elijah was knit in a fingering weight yarn is beyond me, but that’s what I bought – Rowan 4ply Soft in Fairy.  I purchased 2 balls, and it dawned on me that I could probably double up the yarn.  So that’s what I did – and I think it looks great!  I was worried that I might run out but I’m down to just his ears and I think I have plenty left.


I am in love with this knit.  It has been soooo much fun knitting her up, and the pattern is so well written and easy to follow.  The arms were a bit of a pain because Elisa head and trunk kept getting in the way of those DPN’s, and I ran into a mental block last night how to knit up her ears, but I seriously think think this will become my staple knit for all my preggo friends.  How can you NOT fall in love with this stuffed angel from heaven??  I’ve already planned on knitting him up in yellow for my friends who has chosen to not know the sex of her baby. ABSOLUTELY. ADORABLE.

And why have I just now discovered Inox Double Point needles??  They are FABULOUS!  I have found that my knitting on bamboo  DPN’s is a bit stiff and uneven (my knits are significantly tighter than my purls) and moving the yarn along them can be a bit rough.  The Inox needles glide.  I lurve them.

I also worked on my BFF socks the weekend of Thanksgiving, and although I don’t have pictures, I love how they look.  I’ve knit up through the heel flap, but I think I’m going to rip back and add a short row heel because I like the way short heels look and as of now the heel flap is too long anyway.

I think next up as far as holiday knits go is to finish up the Broad Street Mittens.  They have been hibernating way too long and I need to get crackin’ on them. I am waiting on yarn to knit up The Clutch You’ll Never Give Up and a pair of Fetching Gloves, and I’m waiting for my Christmas mugs to arrive for which I’ll be making many Garter Mug Cozies.  I’m also going to knit up a few more Calorimetry’s but haven’t decided which yarn to use (I want to use stash yarn for them).  Its home stretch time!