I have way too many projects on the needles at the moment…why is this you ask? Holiday knits, soon-to-be-born niece knits, and personal knits – that’s a lot of stuff to knit! I’ve got 4 holiday gifts finished, 2 on the needles, and 4 to go. Plus I’m knitting a bunch of the Garter Mug Cozy for gifts too – I figure I can knock a bunch out in a day (just waiting for my mugs to arrive!). Since my sister’s baby shower is right after Christmas, I want to knit up several things for her too…including Baby Bobbi Bear and Elijah, but I decided to start her Twining Vine Baby Blanket. She picked the blanket out herself, so I can show you what I’ve got so far…


The pattern has 4 different pieces that are seamed together, but I think I’ll probably need 5 because I’m using Sandes Garn Lanett, which is a fingering weight yarn while that pattern uses sport weight yarn. I love how Lanett feels – sooo soft and its machine washable which is a plus. I spent hours agonizing over what yarn to use with this project and am real happy with my what I ended up choosing. The pattern is very complicated – line by line instructions – so I can really only knit it when I’m fully alert, otherwise I make mistakes and have to rip back. It is fun though!!

I also worked on my Tangled Yoke sleeves this weekend, and have about 2.5 inches to go before attaching them to the body…I might knit those up tonight. And I’m working up a My So Called Scarf to go with Fetching and Calorimetry, but I had to order more yarn so that’s hibernating at the moment.