Every year since my junior year in college (12 years now!!) I gather all my friends together the Saturday before Thanksgiving and throw a party. It’s a pot luck so everyone can flaunt their cooking skills. I always make the bird, in addition to Baklava (dunno why, but it is now a tradition), and friends always make up the rest. I tried a new recipe for the bird this year, a recipe I got online at allrecipes.com. Here it is pretty much directly out of the oven (it’s still steaming!!!):


I also tried a new recipe for pecan pie. I am a pecan pie whore – seriously, I will do anything to get my hands on some really good pecan pie. Every thanksgiving I’m eyeing the pie and making sure there’s still a slice left for me. However, I must admit that every time I’ve tried to make pecan pie in the past its been a disaster, mostly because I don’t cook it long enough (even the crust still burns – I was finally told the fix for that!!). But I was determined to successfully bake a pecan pie. This recipe came out of the November issue of Cooking Light Magazine – its the Bourbon-Pecan Tart with chocolate drizzle. It turned out DIVINE:


Of course there’s the baklava I make every year. I make mine with sugar water rather than honey, and I find that it makes the dessert a bit lighter and more yummy. This year I decided to drizzle chocolate on some of them…These turned out to be some of the best baklava I’ve ever made.


Here’s a pic my friend Chris took of the spread.


I love this party…its one of my favorites ofthe year. The best food…Such. Greatness.