Yeah, I got food poisoning.  In Detroit while I was away for work.  Salmon (I shudder typing that word) does not come back up nicely.  Not 2 hours after posting my last blog post did the symptoms start, and I was up the entire evening in the bathroom.  Many hours were spent moaning to my mother on the phone (yeah, I called her!  She’s my mom and is there to comfort me!  Plus she’s a doctor and I needed some advice and some serious consoling).  I didn’t get a single wink of sleep, in and out of consciousness well into the morning.  I will say that the Hilton Hotel I stayed at were gracious enough to not only bring me some Sierra Mist in my time of need but allowed me to stay until 2pm, two hours after the checkout time, so I could catch about 3 hours of shut eye.  What finally helped me sleep was 1/2 a Xanax a friend had given me ages ago.  Without it, I don’t think I could have made it to the airport, because yes, I had a flight out that day.  It was complete torture.  There are angels out there, including the guy who found my computer charger in the rental car and is sending it back to me.  That would have been $100 down the drain!!  And I was able to change my flight to the 4:55pm rather than the 7pm (I think I would have passed out in the airport).  Thank goodness my appetite is somewhat back and my stomach is no longer cramping and spasming.  Yeah, food poisoning sucks!