I have to apologize upfront and say that I don’t have any pictures of the Broad Street Mittens that I’ve been knitting as a Christmas gift as I am in Detroit for business until tomorrow night.  However these mittens are giving me fits.  I have never knit mittens or knucks before, so this may be the problem.  After knitting one mitten, I don’t like the flimsiness of the knitted piece nor do I like how the fingers are looking.  In addition, there are those pesky holes in between the fingers which I tried to make invisible without doing some internet research and of course now they look like doo doo.  In short, the mittens look like crap.  To remedy the flimsiness I decided to reknit the mittens in a smaller needle size, and hopefully once I get to the fingers I will become a master knitter.  And I found the perfect way to remedy those holes here.  Wish me luck.