It’s a warm Sunday here in Dallas, too warm actually. I’m ready for some chilly weather. This is the time of year that I like to open some windows, letting the chilly air seep in, and curl up on the couch watching football all day. I’ll add that a blissful day would include some knitting or reading, or both. But, alas, that blissful day is still a few weeks away as it feels like its 75 degrees outside. Beautiful weather yes, but not exactly what I’m craving.

I started the sleeves on the Tangled Yoke, again. I decided that I wanted the cardgian to have full sleeves instead of 3/4’s. I got the point where I really didn’t want to look at this WIP because the task of re-knitting the sleeves was just so not what I had in mind for fun knitting. Instead I went on a LYS run and got yarn to knit the Composed Mitts, and knit those in a few days. I had to come back to it sooner than later because I’m dying to get to the cables in the cardigan. Here’s an updated photo on the sleeves:


I decided to knit only 60 rounds of the ribbing instead of the pattern stated 72 for several reasons:

  1. I love the ribbing but wanted it only 1/2 way up my arm, not 3/4.
  2. I was worried about the sleeves still being too large so I thought I could switch to smaller needles earlier (but I didn’t end up needing to do this)
  3. Ok, yes, I was getting tired of knitting it, so there. Plus I wanted to be able to read while I was knitting these, and I make waaaay too many mistakes whilst ribbing and reading.

They are coming along nicely, especially now that I’m in the stockinette portion. The pattern calls for casting on 61 stitches, then increasing throughout until reaching 85 stitches. Instead I cast on 53 and will be increasing more vigorously to get to the 85 needed to add the sleeves to the body. I’m also thinking I might make the collar a bit wider, or not so high, although I’ll figure this out when I get there. Still have the cables to go!

I also cast on for the BFF socks by Cookie. I’m using Ashabee’s Fiber Oasis wool sock yarn in Plum Crazy – you can find her Etsy’s shop here. I started with Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Cherries Jubilee, but the cables were getting lost in the varying colors in the yarn, so I switched to a semi-solid. I’m in love with the colors of this yarn!



I’m also knitting these for the Ravelry group SockKnitters Anonymous and their Sockdown: Ravelry! Knitting Challenge. I’m jumping in late and I’m not officially in the KAL, but I’m still going to follow is because I think its a great way to get me into the sock knitting groove. I just can’t help myself with all those amazing sock yarns out there. I think I’ll always have socks going as a WIP from here on out.

On a non-knitting note, here’s some kitty p0rn: