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I can’t stop myself from casting on!  I started my brother in laws scarf last night.  I’m using Malabrigo Merino Worsted in Rich Cholocate, and I’m a little worried its not masculine enough…Any comments are welcome!


Along with the Malabrigo, I also got Rowan 4 ply Soft in Rose Lake for Elijah.  Can’t wait to start him!


I have way too many projects on the needles at the moment…why is this you ask? Holiday knits, soon-to-be-born niece knits, and personal knits – that’s a lot of stuff to knit! I’ve got 4 holiday gifts finished, 2 on the needles, and 4 to go. Plus I’m knitting a bunch of the Garter Mug Cozy for gifts too – I figure I can knock a bunch out in a day (just waiting for my mugs to arrive!). Since my sister’s baby shower is right after Christmas, I want to knit up several things for her too…including Baby Bobbi Bear and Elijah, but I decided to start her Twining Vine Baby Blanket. She picked the blanket out herself, so I can show you what I’ve got so far…


The pattern has 4 different pieces that are seamed together, but I think I’ll probably need 5 because I’m using Sandes Garn Lanett, which is a fingering weight yarn while that pattern uses sport weight yarn. I love how Lanett feels – sooo soft and its machine washable which is a plus. I spent hours agonizing over what yarn to use with this project and am real happy with my what I ended up choosing. The pattern is very complicated – line by line instructions – so I can really only knit it when I’m fully alert, otherwise I make mistakes and have to rip back. It is fun though!!

I also worked on my Tangled Yoke sleeves this weekend, and have about 2.5 inches to go before attaching them to the body…I might knit those up tonight. And I’m working up a My So Called Scarf to go with Fetching and Calorimetry, but I had to order more yarn so that’s hibernating at the moment.

I actually finished this about a week ago but haven’t had the chance to update it here since Thanksgiving week was so crazy. Plus I gave this to the recipient, my sister, Thanksgiving day so I don’t feel bad about writing about it!



Pattern: Calorimetry by Kathryn Schoendorf

Needles: US8 Crystal Palace Bamboo Straight Needles
Yarn: Malabrigo Merino Worsted in Stonechat
Mods: I ended up knitting 14 short rows instead of the pattern stated 18 because I thought the wrap was a bit too big.


Love love love this quick knit! I need to make one for me!

An alert to all friends and family…some of these gifts might be for you, so if you wanna be surprised look away!!!






Now that I got that out…I cannot tell you how easy these mitts are to make. It took me no time at all to finish them both (I’d say somewhere around 4 hours). These mitts are part of a gift set and will include a Calorimetry and a matching My So Called Scarf.



Pattern: Fetching by Cheryl Niamath
Needles: US6 Crystal Palace Bamboo Double Point Needles
Yarn: Malabrigo Merino Worsted in Stonechat
I did a regular bind off instead of the Picot bind off. Other than that I knitted them according to the pattern.


I love them! Just need to knit myself a pair now, especially since I gave my Composed Mitts to one of my best friends, Sarah. Merry Christmas, girl!!! Oh, and I am in love with Malabrigo. Seriously, that some damn good yarn. Seriously.

Every year since my junior year in college (12 years now!!) I gather all my friends together the Saturday before Thanksgiving and throw a party. It’s a pot luck so everyone can flaunt their cooking skills. I always make the bird, in addition to Baklava (dunno why, but it is now a tradition), and friends always make up the rest. I tried a new recipe for the bird this year, a recipe I got online at Here it is pretty much directly out of the oven (it’s still steaming!!!):


I also tried a new recipe for pecan pie. I am a pecan pie whore – seriously, I will do anything to get my hands on some really good pecan pie. Every thanksgiving I’m eyeing the pie and making sure there’s still a slice left for me. However, I must admit that every time I’ve tried to make pecan pie in the past its been a disaster, mostly because I don’t cook it long enough (even the crust still burns – I was finally told the fix for that!!). But I was determined to successfully bake a pecan pie. This recipe came out of the November issue of Cooking Light Magazine – its the Bourbon-Pecan Tart with chocolate drizzle. It turned out DIVINE:


Of course there’s the baklava I make every year. I make mine with sugar water rather than honey, and I find that it makes the dessert a bit lighter and more yummy. This year I decided to drizzle chocolate on some of them…These turned out to be some of the best baklava I’ve ever made.


Here’s a pic my friend Chris took of the spread.


I love this party…its one of my favorites ofthe year. The best food…Such. Greatness.

Since the majority of yesterday was spent on the couch (please refer to previous post), I decided to reknit the Broad Street Mittens on a smaller needle size. I’m almost finished with one mitten and love the outcome.

Here’s the crapola mitten and the new mitten side by side. Can you see the difference?


If not, here they are up close…

Crapola mitten (Please ignore the bad sewing attempts…I now know better!):


Happy Mitten:


Of course I’m assuming these will look a bit better after I’ve blocked them, but the tighter gauge works better for these mittens. And I swear the color looks better in the redo – the pink looks…pinker. I am going to add the flap tonight, hopefully.

Oh, look how purty!


This is seriously some of the softest yarn EVER! Can you guess what it is?? That’s right, Malabrigo Merino Worsted in the colorway Stonechat. I’ve heard rave reviews about this yarn, and ohmigod are they right. I can’t wait to knit this stuff up! It’s going to be Calorimetry.

Yeah, I got food poisoning.  In Detroit while I was away for work.  Salmon (I shudder typing that word) does not come back up nicely.  Not 2 hours after posting my last blog post did the symptoms start, and I was up the entire evening in the bathroom.  Many hours were spent moaning to my mother on the phone (yeah, I called her!  She’s my mom and is there to comfort me!  Plus she’s a doctor and I needed some advice and some serious consoling).  I didn’t get a single wink of sleep, in and out of consciousness well into the morning.  I will say that the Hilton Hotel I stayed at were gracious enough to not only bring me some Sierra Mist in my time of need but allowed me to stay until 2pm, two hours after the checkout time, so I could catch about 3 hours of shut eye.  What finally helped me sleep was 1/2 a Xanax a friend had given me ages ago.  Without it, I don’t think I could have made it to the airport, because yes, I had a flight out that day.  It was complete torture.  There are angels out there, including the guy who found my computer charger in the rental car and is sending it back to me.  That would have been $100 down the drain!!  And I was able to change my flight to the 4:55pm rather than the 7pm (I think I would have passed out in the airport).  Thank goodness my appetite is somewhat back and my stomach is no longer cramping and spasming.  Yeah, food poisoning sucks!

I have to apologize upfront and say that I don’t have any pictures of the Broad Street Mittens that I’ve been knitting as a Christmas gift as I am in Detroit for business until tomorrow night.  However these mittens are giving me fits.  I have never knit mittens or knucks before, so this may be the problem.  After knitting one mitten, I don’t like the flimsiness of the knitted piece nor do I like how the fingers are looking.  In addition, there are those pesky holes in between the fingers which I tried to make invisible without doing some internet research and of course now they look like doo doo.  In short, the mittens look like crap.  To remedy the flimsiness I decided to reknit the mittens in a smaller needle size, and hopefully once I get to the fingers I will become a master knitter.  And I found the perfect way to remedy those holes here.  Wish me luck.

One gift down! I started this Friday night with Paton’s Classic Merino Wool in a cream color, but realized that I had made a mistake along the way so I decided to frog it. I started yesterday with a different yarn and I’m glad I did. I think it looks much better!



Pattern: Mug and French Press Jacket by MK Carroll
Needles: US4 Addi Turbo Circulars 24″ using Magic Loop method
Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca in Pea Soup Mix


Overall I think this is a great pattern and I love how the smocking pattern looks. One thing that was a pain in the ass was knitting the base. I started out using bamboo double pointed needles (it seems that many peeps on Ravelry also had issues knitting the base), but once I switched to the Addi Turbo circs it was much easier to knit the base, so I highly recommend anyone knitting this pattern to either use aluminum DPN’s or a smooth circ with magic loop.

I started Christmas gifts last night. I can’t say who these are for in case s/he checks this blog, but I started the Broad Street Mittens last night using Sandnes Garn Lanett in 4520, which is their darker pink.


I started with US2 Double Points, and the ribbing fits over my wrist, even if it looks small in the photo (it looks small in real person too!). My gauge is off by 2 stitches per inch, so I think I’m going to swatch it on US3’s again tonight (I swatched last night and my gauge wasn’t right either, but I could have been too tired)…I think I’ll swatch an entire 4 inches. I never knit that big of a swatch but I guess I should.

I’m still working on the sleeves for the Tangled Yoke. I blocked the lower half of the body, and I’m going to have to re-block it the top part of it is way wider than the ribbing, which is causing the top portion to be waaaay too big. We’ll see how it goes. I may need to rip back and reknit a portion of the stockinette…however, the ribbing fits perfectly.

I’m also working on the BFF socks, but as I’m trying to get some knitting done for Christmas those may hibernate for a little bit. 🙂

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