I am completely and deliriously in LOVE with the bag!



Pattern: Brea Bag by Berroco
Needles: Addi Turbo Size 9US 24″ Circulars
Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca in Cardinal, little over 3 hanks
Notions: Handle – from my LYS; Button and lining – from Joann’s

Isn’t it cute? I mean, isn’t it just so adorable?! I seriously didn’t think I would love this bag this much, but as soon as I finished it I transferred all my stuff from my other purse into it and immediately wore it out in public. I think I might make one for my sis as well as she would totally love it…Christmas gifts?? I was a bit perturned that I had to use 3 hanks instead of the pattern-stated 2, but like the gal at my LYS store said, I can use whatever yarn is leftover to make a hat. Or something. Absolutely. Love. It.

Also an update on the Tangled Yoke – I’ve knit the majority of the body and I’m working on the sleeves right now. I decided to teach myself something new and knit 2 sleeves at once on a large circ using this technique. This is my first sweather and therefore the first sleeves I have ever knit. Having read some people’s irritation at knitting sleeves (I’m guessing it’s because you have to knit two of them!), I decided my first ones should be knit together. Plus I just love learning new techniques!



Did you notice my wandering gauge in the body? I’m very frustrated by this, and the only thing I can do without ripping out all that work is to chalk it up to this being my first sweater and just deal. Maybe once I’ve blocked the piece it won’t look so bad. Or is it my imagination? It doesn’t look so bad in the picture!