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Well, I stayed up late again last night finishing these. All I need to do is block them which I plan on doing tonight. I lurve them! I will definitely be making more as I have soooo much yarn left over.

Edited to add this picture: 



Pattern: Composed Mitts by Michele Rose Orne, Interweave Knits Fall 2007
Needles: Crystal Palace Bamboo DPN Size US3
Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool, 1 skein each of Plum, Bibery, Golden, Vibrant Green, Charcoal, and Bristol Red


I decided to knit some gifts this year for Christmas – I know, I’m crazy for starting this so late. But I think I can do it! Most of the gifts that I’m gonna make are pretty quick knits. One of the projects I thought might make some cute gifts were the Composed Mitts from Interweave Knits Fall 2007. I’m using Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool instead of Blue Sky Alpaca which the pattern calls for, and I’m doing this for 3 reasons. 1.) I’ve read rave reviews on Elsebeth Lavold’s Silky Wool and really wanted to knit with it myself, 2.) It’s cheaper and has more yardage and therefore 3.) I’m hoping to knit several pairs with the 6 skeins I purchased.

In addition, I’ve never knit fair isle before, so I had to do some research and talk to the peeps at my LYS on advice and such. The one thing I was worried about was carrying over the yarn, and I’m not sure I have that mastered yet. Is it common for the carried over yarn to peek through the work? If not, then I’m doing something wrong. I don’t think its that noticeable, but since I’m a perfectionist in that way I would prefer there to be no peeking!

I stayed up super late last night knitting the first one. I apologize for the state of my pictures…I can’t seem to get any good light in my house, and my camera isn’t the best (at least I can’t figure out how to make it any better). So here’s the progress…


I love them! They are super warn, the Silky Wool is lovely to knit with, and I’m positive I can make at least 2 sets of mitts from the 6 skeins I purchased, if not 3. I might purchase another color just to mix things up and have more options. But isn’t it great?! I love learning knew techniques, And now I feel pretty comfy with fair isle. Except those darn carry overs peeking through.

So I’ve decided to go ahead and RIP back the sleeves that I was working on for the Tangled Yoke Cardigan. I really want long sleeves on that one, so I’ve suppressed the desire to continue knitting on the sleeves I already have and have cast on for narrower ones. What I decided to so is to cast on fewer stitches, but increase more often throughout. I’m a bit worried that this might make the sleeves wide up top, so what I might do it cast on the number of stitches stated in the pattern onto smaller needles and work a few inches or so to see if that fits the same. if so, smaller needles it is.

I’ve finished the body for Lelah! As I spent the weekend contemplating what I was going to do with the Tangled Yoke Cardigan, I went ahead and tackled Lelah, which had been on the back burner for about a month. I had become disenchanted with Lelah as I had to rip back the entire bust portion of the garment – the fit was all wrong for my bust size and I came to the conclusion that I had to add short rows to make the fit right. Given that I had never worked short rows before, I was going to have to do some research and experimenting. There are several different ways to work short rows, and after trying this version, I settled on the Japanese version, as for me it was the most invisible. The other aspect of this that was a bit daunting was that I was working in the round, and most tutorials only describe how to work short rows on straight needles. Once I get a final pic of Lelah posted I’ll describe in detail how I worked the short rows…Anyway, here’s Lelah blocking:


I’ve also made some progress on the Baby Cable Rib Socks. First socks ever, so I’ve had some growing pains with them. I think I’m going to work the second sock toe up to see which method I prefer. Eventually I will probably work socks on magic loop. The sock is slightly big, but I think I’m going to give them to my mom anyway as she really loves the colorway. I detest it, and only realized this after I started knitting with it. Even though I’m completely in love with bright colors, I’ve discovered that for my feet I like warm colors, like this. Anyway, here’s a pic of my progress so far.


I stopped by my LYS store The Shabby Sheep on Saturday, mainly to get some advice on the Tangled Yoke but of course I can’t leave a yarn store without purchasing some yarn! The holidays are coming up – and I’ve decided to knit a few gifts. So I decided to pick up some yarn for the Composed Mitts in Interweave Knits Fall 2007. I decided on Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool:


I also purchased some yarn for a surprise gift for a family member…I can’t say what its for or who its for, but here’s some yummy Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton:


Ok, here’s the deal. I’ve been working on the sleeves for the Tangled Yoke Cardigan for a few weeks and here’s what’s happening:


Here’s a closer look:


Waaaay to big for my liking. So here’s where I need my fellow knitters advice…

Should I frog the sleeves and start all over, and cast on fewer stitches? Or should I keep the sleeves I’ve knitted so far, but make them three-quarter sleeves instead? Here’s what they would look like on moi three-quarter length:


I know its a preference thing, but I’m a bit undecided…so persuade me!

I have a boo boo:


That flaky stuff is liquid bandaid that I can’t seem to get off my finger. So its helped with the healing process, but nevertheless my knitting has somewhat stalled. So here’s some knitting porn to keep anyone out there reading my blog entertained.

I received a copy of Romantic Hand Knits: 26 Flirtatious Designs That Flatter Your Figure by Annie Modesitt from my lovely swap buddy Hunter on the book swapping site PBS. I started drooling as soon as I had it in my hands…luckily none dribbled on the book. Anyway, here are some of the patterns I can’t wait to knit:











Dark Victory:


An Affair to Remember:


Now, Voyager(I’d make this one shorter, just below the knee)


Jezebel (I’d make this one a bit longer!)


I also recently received Fitted Knits: 25 Designs for the Fashionable Knitter by Stefanie Japel from my friend Juli at PBS from a knitting swap. Sooo, here’s some more knitting porn…

Split Neckline Cap-Sleeved Tee:




Crisp Rectangle Tunic Top (I’d make this one shorter):crisp-rectangle.jpg

Puff-Sleeved Feminine Cardigan:


Boatneck Bluebell Sweater:


Textured Tunic:


Long Coat with Chevron Lace:


I cast on for my first pair of knitted socks yesterday.  I’m using some stash yarn by Ornaghi Filati called Luna Park in colorway 201.  It took me a while to get used to the DPN’s (size 1.5US) and I’m doing these top down to start.  I think I might eventually work socks on a magic loop so I can work 2 at a time but for now I’m going the old fashioned way.


I can’t decide if I should take these with me on my trip to Detroit for work or if I should take the Tangled Yoke sleeves.  Decisions, decisions!

I am completely and deliriously in LOVE with the bag!



Pattern: Brea Bag by Berroco
Needles: Addi Turbo Size 9US 24″ Circulars
Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca in Cardinal, little over 3 hanks
Notions: Handle – from my LYS; Button and lining – from Joann’s

Isn’t it cute? I mean, isn’t it just so adorable?! I seriously didn’t think I would love this bag this much, but as soon as I finished it I transferred all my stuff from my other purse into it and immediately wore it out in public. I think I might make one for my sis as well as she would totally love it…Christmas gifts?? I was a bit perturned that I had to use 3 hanks instead of the pattern-stated 2, but like the gal at my LYS store said, I can use whatever yarn is leftover to make a hat. Or something. Absolutely. Love. It.

Also an update on the Tangled Yoke – I’ve knit the majority of the body and I’m working on the sleeves right now. I decided to teach myself something new and knit 2 sleeves at once on a large circ using this technique. This is my first sweather and therefore the first sleeves I have ever knit. Having read some people’s irritation at knitting sleeves (I’m guessing it’s because you have to knit two of them!), I decided my first ones should be knit together. Plus I just love learning new techniques!



Did you notice my wandering gauge in the body? I’m very frustrated by this, and the only thing I can do without ripping out all that work is to chalk it up to this being my first sweater and just deal. Maybe once I’ve blocked the piece it won’t look so bad. Or is it my imagination? It doesn’t look so bad in the picture!

I’m on Ravelry!  I’m already hooked..look me up – I’m ceylangul.

Will update this weekend…I’m almost finished with Brea and will soon start on the sleeves for the Tangled Yoke Cardigan…

Can I tell you how excited I am that I have no plans this weekend…check this out:

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Soooo close! I foresee a LOT of computer time this weekend!

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