I finished the Adult’s Only Kitty Hat over the weekend. I was going to make the Devil hat, but was feeling a bit more frisky rather than naughty when I got to the ears, so I switched it up 🙂 I started to panic thinking I wasn’t going to have enough yarn, but luckily I squeaked by with just enough! I ended up using some yarn I had frogged and thought I wouldn’t need. I did learn a very valuable lesson – never throw away frogged yarn! Anyway, here she is:


Sorry its so dark…I tried to lighten it up a bit with my photo editor. This was my first attempt at a hat, and using DPN’s, so I thought it turned out pretty cute. It’s also a bit big, and then I remembered that I have a small head, so I’ll have to knit smaller next time. I also mastered continental knitting with this project, which I’m thrilled about. Seed stitch and regular purling and knitting is so much faster with continental. I will say that I find it much harder to k2tog and knit an I-cord with continental, so I’ll stick with regular old English style for that…I haven’t taken a photo of myself in this hat yet cause I look like crap today, but will at some point.

I took some photos of the Big Bad Baby Blanket I’m making from the Stitch ‘N Bitch book. I’m using Lion’s Brand Homespun yarn in Williamsburg, and so far am over 50% done.


I also cast on the Trio Knit Tote Bag last night. I originally cast onto the size US11 24″ circular needles recommended in the pattern, but found that it was too loose for my liking. I think that’s mainly because I was knitting continental, as that tends to be looser anyway. So I moved down to US10 circs. I also found that the number of cast-on stitches wasn’t enough for me, not sure why exactly, but I was having trouble joining the piece, so I cast on an additional 20 (99 total). Plus I would like a bigger bag for my knitting :-p I think I might make this bag a bit deeper than the pattern calls for, which will of course require a buy more yarn! Trio by Crystal Palace is so much fun to knit with.

trio-bag.jpg trio-bag-2.jpg

Buying yarn off the Internet is addictive. I’ve had to stop myself on several occasions where I have added yarn to my cart, then realized I already have 3 projects in the works, with another 2 ready to go, so I don’t need any more! I’ve decided I’ll buy yarn for a project with every (or every other) paycheck . Now that I have that out of the way, I did order Reynold’s Lopi Light in Navy for Lelah. That will be my first shirt/tank/sweater of any kind to knit for myself, so pray for me. I also wanted to purchase yarn for Sahara, but Tilli Thomas was waaaaay to expensive (but gorgeous!!), so I think I’ll go with Jaggerspun Zephyr DK, like this knitter has done which turned out gorgeous! I’m thinking Ruby, and I’ll probably bead it myself, just to be cost effective.

And last but not least, I bought some fabric to line my Striped bamboo Handle Bag from Joanne’s over the weekend. I found it in the “Fabric Remnant” bin – Basic Classic Twill in an off-white/cream. I’ll try and finish that up this weekend.

Happy knitting!!